Nokia will re-introduce the most popular 3210 Phone.

HMD, the company that makes Nokia phones, will be reintroducing one of Nokia’s most popular models, the 3210, according to a recent report.

First launched in 1999, the Nokia 3210 quickly became very popular. It was the most common mobile phone at the time, with around 160 million sold by 1999.

This year, the Nokia 3210 celebrated its 25th anniversary on March 18. It is a symbol of a time when Nokia was the leading brand for mobile phones, as the iPhone is now. HMD hinted at the X (formerly Twitter) bringing back an older Nokia model, and Finnish store Giganti (via NokiaMob ) confirmed that it is indeed the fondly remembered 3210.

The big reveal is scheduled for May 8, and the phone will go on sale on May 15. The new Nokia 3210 will retain some features from the original but will also take cues from the Nokia 3310 from the early 2000s in terms of appearance.

It will also have some modern upgrades, such as a larger 2.4-inch color screen (the old one had a smaller black-and-white screen) and a 2MP f/2.8 camera that can shoot 720p videos.

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