Dubai International Airport Soars to World’s 2nd Place in Global Rankings

The Airports Council International (ACI) released its annual list of the busiest airports for 2023. Dubai International Airport (DXB) maintained its position as the world’s busiest international airport for the 10th year.

CEO Paul Griffiths praised DXB’s growth and innovation, citing milestones like welcoming their billionth passenger and expanding infrastructure. He credited collaboration among stakeholders for DXB’s success and highlighted its role in Dubai’s reputation as a top travel destination.

Looking ahead, Griffiths emphasized DXB’s commitment to excellence and outlined strategic goals for the future.

ACI World Director General Luis Felipe de Oliveira noted global air travel trends, citing factors like China’s reopening and increased interest in travel despite economic challenges.

While US airports lead the rankings, DXB moved to second place, and Tokyo Haneda International Airport rose to fifth. Notable progress was seen in Istanbul and New Delhi airports. In cargo traffic, Hong Kong International Airport retained its top position.

ACI’s rankings, based on data from over 2,600 airports, highlight airports’ role in connecting people, driving trade, and fostering economic development globally. Despite challenges, airports demonstrate resilience, supported by organizations like ACI World.

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