Spotify Partners with Coke Studio to Continue Local Artists on Global Platform

Spotify and Coke Studio have joined forces once again to promote Pakistani music on a global scale. This partnership aims to leverage Spotify’s vast platform to showcase the diverse talent and rich musical heritage of Pakistan to audiences worldwide.

Coke Studio, known for its fusion of traditional and contemporary Pakistani music, has been a cornerstone in promoting local artists internationally. By teaming up with Spotify, Coke Studio seeks to further amplify the reach of Pakistani music and provide greater exposure to artists.

Through this collaboration, Spotify users around the world will gain access to Coke Studio’s extensive catalog of music, including iconic performances from past seasons and new releases. This partnership not only aims to celebrate Pakistani music but also to foster cross-cultural appreciation and understanding.

Furthermore, the collaboration will help in the discovery of emerging Pakistani artists, giving them a platform to showcase their talent to a global audience. Spotify’s personalized recommendations will enable users to explore and discover Pakistani music that resonates with their preferences.

Overall, the partnership between Spotify and Coke Studio signifies a significant step in promoting Pakistani music on the international stage. It highlights the importance of cultural exchange and collaboration in bridging global audiences and celebrating diversity in music.

Listen to Coke Studio Season 15 here.

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