Why is Lesson Planning Crucial in the Teaching Process?

Are you a newbie teacher? You want to figure out the right way to design the lesson plan as you don’t have any prior experience. But this segment is equally important even if you are teaching for an extended duration. 

It enables you to analyze the aspects the student should be learning. Besides, it helps you define the route to achieve the needs of the student. Based on it, you must decide the different learning activities you should include in your teaching program.

In simple words, lesson planning means your fundamental preparation before you attend the class. It offers all the vital information you should cover in that particular class.

It defines everything you will address in your class. As an educator, you cannot deny the benefits of lesson planning:

  • Lets you recognize what you are going to teach
  • Lets you include the important activities for the next lesson
  • Lets you make sure if it is understandable for the student
  • It helps you devise an effective lesson plan for the next class
  • Lets you cover the curriculum in a smooth manner

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Overall action plan for Lesson Formulation

You can follow a specific template. You can even use a similar template for upcoming lesson plans. You can create it on your own or download it from the internet. With templates, the entire process becomes smooth and swift.

For fruitful lesson planning, include strategies in your action plan. You can go through the below points for reference.

Acknowledge what your Student Needs

For this, you will have to understand the student’s perspective. Don’t prepare the lesson to showcase your skills as a teacher, and your teaching method should be practical for the students you will teach.

Keep a simple session. It makes sure your students are able to grasp what you deliver. Try to make learning easy and understandable for your students.

Follow the Same Pattern of Learning

Keep the learning structure intact for every teaching session you will attend in the future. However, remember that the notes that you will provide your students will vary with every session. 

If the basic pattern remains the same, it would be easy for the student to catch the flow. Your students will know what they will get from the session. A systematic pattern will have a great impact on the overall learning process.

Understand what value to Provide 

It is about the value you want to deliver before every class ends. In short, it is the objective that you will have to set for each class. Validate if your lesson is helpful for your students or not.

You can assess it from students’ performance in the class. Your lesson goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound; in short, smart.

Make your Class Interactive

For the accomplishment of lesson goals, I look forward to making your class interactive. Once you complete the lesson, encourage the students to share their input on this. 

Ask them if they have any doubts or confusion. An interactive session ensures two-way communication between the teacher and the student.

Don’t be too strict with the Lesson Plan

Teaching becomes easy with lesson planning. However, you can forever provide a personal touch to it. It is likely that you will have missed some critical points while planning the lesson.

Don’t hesitate to add it while taking the class! There is no need to be too stiff on your plan that is meant to deliver value. Besides, you might have to extend the lesson to make students understand it better.

It is because you cannot be so much calculative while teaching in class. 

Include activities in your Lesson

Your students will find it boring if you only conduct the class with theories. Activities will make the session lively and engaging. You can make your students attentive in your class by letting them participate in different kinds of activities.

You can think creatively to make the session more fun-filled and informative. 

Ask for Feedback

After ending the class, ask your students if they liked the session or not. These feedbacks are effective in devising a more productive lesson plan for your students.

Stick to the Time Schedule

Time management skill is vital for every teacher. You need to make sure you can cover every aspect of the lesson within the stipulated time. Divide the class duration in such a way that every segment gets time.

You can mention the tentative span of every part of the lesson in the plan. Don’t forget to include a segment where you should revise everything you have taught in the class. It will help the student to memorize everything covered in the particular session.

There is no problem if time exceeds for any session. You must adjust it with the others. Design the overall plan with an aim to improve the learning experience of your student.

For this reason, you should also evaluate your performance.

The Bottom Line

Lesson planning helps you get acquainted with the topic you want to cover in the next class. It is like a pre-preparation before class so that you can deliver the best. It is a must-to-employ technique in your teaching process.

You will plan the lesson more efficiently once you start earning experience as a teacher. It primarily includes some basic steps that are easy to complete before you enter the class.

It ensures you don’t go unprepared for your class. Every aspect of the lesson gets organized through planning. There is no need for you to follow any regular format. 

Prepare the lesson the way you want. It could be in proper written format or in the form of small hints, and it is just that you should be able to extract the information at the time of addressing the class.


You can flip through this guest post if you need assistance drafting the lesson plan for your upcoming class. It has explained every aspect in a detailed manner.

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