In a significant development for cricket enthusiasts, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has officially confirmed the issuance of Indian visas to the Pakistan and Afghanistan cricket teams, both set to participate in the highly anticipated ODI World Cup 2023.

According to reliable reports from India Today, Pakistan’s cricket players and their support staff are expected to receive their visas for the upcoming tournament imminently. This news comes on the heels of concerns expressed by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to the ICC, highlighting their apprehensions about potential travel delays for the national team en route to Hyderabad, India, where they are slated to compete.

The issuance of visas for the Pakistan cricket contingent occurred with only a narrow window of less than 48 hours remaining before their scheduled departure to India, set for September 27. Their first warm-up match, against New Zealand, is scheduled for September 29 in Hyderabad. Although an ICC spokesperson has officially confirmed the issuance of visas to Pakistan, there has still been some uncertainty and confusion within the Pakistan camp regarding the status of these crucial travel documents.

The PCB, in an effort to emphasize the gravity of the situation, penned a letter to ICC CEO Geoff Allardice earlier this week. In this letter, they underscored the impact of visa delays on the national team’s preparations for the highly competitive 50-over World Cup.

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