How To Turn Off Comments On Instagram? 2022

Users of the Instagram service can upload photos and videos to share with their followers or a select group of friends. Additionally, they can browse through and like the Instagram posts that their friends have shared. Both with the younger generation and with many enterprises, Instagram becomes highly popular. Numerous people conduct business online and share information about their operations, impending goods or bargains, and businesses.

Another significant player in this space is Instagram. Because Instagram users rate posts based on their comments, some people choose to deactivate the comment box so that their posts can reach a wide audience. You've come to the right place if you also want to turn off post comments. To enhance user experience, Instagram has given users the option to hide the comments on each post in their feed. When this happens, users can focus on the information rather than how well-liked it is. We'll outline how to disable your Instagram likes in this article.

The easy actions you must take to turn off comments on your Instagram post before making it public are outlined below.

Sometimes you can tell before you even start posting a piece that you don't want to read the comments on it. Instagram will allow you to turn off comments in that situation right before the post goes public. You'll arrive at the "New Post" screen after choosing the media to include in your post, where you can add tags and write a caption. Choose "Advanced Settings" from the menu at the screen's bottom.

Open Instagram, make a new post, tweak the material, add filters, and then click "Next."

Before clicking "Share," select "Advanced Settings" at the bottom of the screen.

Choose the "Turn Off Commenting" slider in the advanced options.

Click "Share" after disabling comments, and you're done!

1. The Easy Actions You Must Take To Turn Off Comments On Your Instagram Post After Posting It.

Step 1

Launch the Instagram app. To access your profile page, tap the thumbnail of your profile photo.

Step 2

Tap the three horizontal dots in the top right corner of the post whose comments you want to turn off.

Step 3

On the menu that appears, select "Turn off comments."

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