How to Improve the Quality of Customer Service

The quality of service you are offering is a key player in edging out competitors. More often than not, the products you are selling to your target audience are more or less the same as your competitors but you can ride out by offering the best quality of service.

Customers are being more and more demanding. They expect you to offer the best quality of both product and service. Surveys have reported that over two-thirds of customers leave you because they are not satisfied with the service.

Therefore, it is intrinsic to maintain the optimal quality of service. You cannot provide the best customer experience unless you know their needs and you train your employees to be helpful and cooperative.

Steps to follow to provide the best customer service

Here is how you can create an effective customer service policy:

Step 1: Figure your customers’ needs out

Your customer policy will be effective when it is tailored to their needs. You must know what kind of problems they come with so you have an effective and immediate solution to address their needs.

  • Buy competent software

When a customer comes to you with a complaint, you can resolve some of them at once, while others make take some time. You need software that records all information like a customer’s name, type of query, timings when complaint registered, complain number, an assigned customer care executive, date and time of follow up, steps already taken, any compensation to be given, suggestions, and so on.

Lack of technology is one of the reasons why customers do not get satisfied with your service. Invest in the right type of software. If you are a start-up, you will likely hesitate to invest money in them. If your budget does not allow for it, you can take out same-day loans for the unemployed.  

  • Create surveys

Before you improve your service, you should know where you are slipping up. Most companies try to get positive feedback, but unfortunately, this will never help improve. Instead, you should try to get useful information so you can improve your services. Frame open-ended questions that help tell you how to address their concerns.

The purpose of conducting surveys is to know what areas your customers want you to improve at. Do not make a question that intends to get praise. Do not ask too many questions. Four to five questions are more than enough. You can conduct the survey on your website and let people know about it on social media platforms as well.

  • Look at operational data

Look over the data recorded in software to know what kind of issues are mostly reported by customers. Look at the number of returns of your product, backlogs, and stockouts. Of course, no one would ever come to you again to buy if, most of the time, products are out of stock.

Look at the rating people have given to your product or customer care service. Looking at these statistics will help you know the areas where you need to improve.

Step 2: Create your customer service policy

Once you have identified where you are lagging behind, the next step is to create a policy that deals with all those issues.

  • Write a vision statement.

You should let all of your employees know where you see yourself in the coming years. It should be simple to comprehend. To write a vision statement, you should list out what has been a success for your company from your customers’ stance.

Note down points that you want to improve in the future. Now summarise the key elements. If your employees have a clear idea of your vision, they will be able to better cater to your target audience.

  • Set customer service goals

The vision statement you create must align with your customer service goals. Set some rules so your employees know what they are expected of. For instance, set the time limit by which they are supposed to answer calls, assign them to target to whittle down the product return rate, and reduce the percentage of bad reviews posted by customers.

  • Track the impact of your revised policy

Just revising your policy is not enough. You should track its impact on improving your customer satisfaction rate. The software can help collect data about it. Try to know the areas of your policy that did not contribute to improving it. Fix it if there is a scope; otherwise, leave it. Maintaining a 100% customer satisfaction rate is not feasible at all. You are doing fine as long as it is satisfactory.

  • Think from a customer’s outlook

Getting information from customers by conducting surveys may not be enough. They may or may not participate in the survey. You will have to walk a mile in their shoes to understand what they could be expecting of you. You may have been a buyer as well, so from your experience, you can anticipate what they want. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your website user-friendly?
  • Can a customer easily place an order?
  • Is your shipping service faster than your competitors?
  • Can your customers easily track their orders?
  • Are you able to send them updates about new arrivals, order status, etc. on time?
  • Do their queries get resolved quickly?
  • Are they getting personalized email newsletters?
  • Are you able to build a relationship with them?
  • Is your customer care staff compassionate and quick-thinking while resolving their problem?

The final word

No matter how top-notch your product is, your business cannot survive if the quality of your service is not stellar. Although you cannot maintain it at 100%, you will still hope to maintain the highest standards. It must be better than the service quality maintained by your competitors.

Use the right software so you can track every detail. In case you cannot spend money on it, you can consider taking direct lender loans. Make sure you will not face any problems repaying them.

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