The Complete Guide To Event Marketing In 2022

Event marketing is growing more common in the business world as a technique to raise exposure for a company's products and services. As numerous sectors use this digital marketing strategy, event marketing is expected to become more prevalent in 2022.

This guide will walk you through the significant parts of event marketing and how you can start using it for your own company or group.

Event Marketing Guide - Engage Your Attendees

Engaging the audience is an art mastered by the best in the business. Become brilliant at this art by forming your next event around this event marketing guide. 

1. Be An Early Bird

There is no "too early" for the pre-registration period within reason. People are more likely to recall an incident if they hear about it more times. In addition, events scheduled for the future appear less scary, participants are more likely to be available, and marketers have more time to work their magic. Finding your event's partners, sponsors, media, and collaborators is also essential but time-consuming. If you contact them before the event begins, they will gladly assist you in spreading the news.

It's not necessary to wait until ticket sales start to develop a specific web and social media presence. Even if the details are sparse, set them up.

It will be time to start selling tickets once awareness has been increased and a couple of SEO-friendly pages have been developed. Always choose an early bird ticketing system with staggered price tiers.

2. Study Your Audience Group

Event marketing aims to reach, understand, and engage your target audiences. Putting on a significant event necessitates going beyond your existing network to attract new clients, leads, and sales.

Understanding potential attendees' motivations, habits, goals, preferred platforms, and budgets is essential for successful event marketing. Subdivide potential target audiences into subgroups and put yourself in their position. 

Take time to thoroughly understand what those segments are searching for, as well as what they are trying to stay away from. 

The purpose of a corporate event is not to jam as many people as possible through the door. It's about attracting the proper people to help you achieve your goals. As a result, keep reminding yourself of the event's goals and how they relate to the organization's overall goals.

3. User-Generated Content

User-generated content is an in-demand trend in the event marketing world. User-generated content is texts, photos, and videos created around a brand by users across social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc. For example, hashtag campaigns promote an event on social media, where users create posts around the event's hashtag.

But where is this user-generated content displayed to engage the audience? Social walls!

A social wall is a unique real-time representation of user-generated content on digital screens implemented at various locations at an event. Engagement goes through the roof by implementing a social media wall at your event as it generates people's posts talking about the event. What it does is that it motivates other's people to talk about the event through the social wall in a bid to appear on the social wall. 

A social wall enhances the audience engagement, but as an add-on, it also builds a sense of trust, boosts the social presence of the event, 

4. Use Event Software And Tools

In 2022, according to a recent thorough analysis of event management, event automation software is still underutilized. While most businesses have automated at least some of their operations, there is still much room for more automation. Repetitive, insignificant, and time-consuming jobs definitely need a look into.

Not only can automation save time, money, and energy, but machine learning and automation software can also improve the performance of many operations. For example, what would take a team a day to do may be accomplished in a couple of minutes with the correct software. What distinguishes a decent marketer from a great marketer is the ability to fully understand their target audience. Event software assists you brilliantly in this regard.

5. Email Marketing

In the age of TikTok micro-influencers and hyper-targeted AR advertisements, email marketing may appear outdated. Yet, the old juggernaut has evolved with the times. Email is your best companion in event marketing since it provides a direct line of communication with clients who can answer at their leisure.

The lifecycle of an event should be covered by email marketing. Periodic emails should begin with early bird offers to pre-registered individuals and continue throughout the event's planning, execution, and follow-up. The announcement of a new speaker, promotions & competitions, competitions, calls for feedback, weather alerts, new entertainment, and just about anything else deserve an email. 

Wrapping Up

A marketing guide that would help you boost your upcoming event significantly. Since a social wall is an integral part of this marketing guide, creating one is essential. Create the best one with Taggbox!

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