Explorer 11 Most Visited Tourist Attractions in Shimla Manali

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11 Most Famous Tourist Attractions in Shimla Manali

1. The ridge of Shimla

The Ridge of Shimla is a long road and the center of all tourist activities in Shimla. It is easily connected to all spots like Mall road, scandal point, and Lakkad Bazaar. Therefore, it is one of the top tourist places in Shimla. This place also serves as a location for the summer festival held every year in April. The Christ Church is the most popular spot among the many interesting spots. You will find many artwork wonders, green lands, and picturesque landscapes here. It is also a perfect place for shopping, dining, and nightlife.

2. Mall road, a fun place

Mall road is the most famous place and a nearby place to the ridge. These mall roads in the hill stations are normally a stretch of any road. These roads are bordered by numerous small stalls, shops, and branded showrooms. Shimla is one of the most famous and enjoyable places. You will find many shopping options, eateries, and food stalls on this road. There are also many shops that sell handmade crafts such as bracelets, sweaters, and keychains. Moreover, there are many banks, ATMs, and offices for certain necessities.

3. Jakhoo temple

Jakhoo hills are the highest point in Shimla. It is named one of the most famous tourist places to visit. This place is covered with beautiful Alpine trees. Jakhoo temple is the most popular spot on this hill. This temple has a huge statue of Lord Hanuman, the god of monkeys. It is perfect for a peaceful break from the tourist environment. You will also find many monkeys while visiting here. Moreover, you can witness stunning views of the Shivalik mountain range. You will certainly enjoy this place and the cold weather here.

4. Kufri, a serene beauty

Kufri is a short distance away from Shimla. This town is very famous among couples traveling to Himachal Pradesh. It is fenced by a ring of the Himalayan ranges. Kufri is one of the most famous holiday places in Himachal Pradesh. The valleys of this town remain green during summer. On the other hand, these valleys turn white in winter. Therefore, this place offers the most pretty sights. You will also find a variety of flora and fauna in the thick forests of Pine. Moreover, you can indulge in many adventure sports and visit national parks.

5. Chadwick waterfall

Chadwick waterfalls are tucked away in an undisturbed corner of glen forest. It is the most striking Shimla Manali tourist place to visit. The height of this fall is only 100 meters. The Trek through the lush forests surrounding is the most amazing thing. It is best to visit here in the monsoon to see the waterfalls at their fullest. Moreover, you will find pine trees, and fragrances of wild, exotic flowers at this place. The breezy climate and pleasant weather will certainly uplift your sense and rejuvenate you.

6. Hidimba devi temple, a holy place

Hidimba Devi temple is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Manali. This ancient 15th-century temple is dedicated to the goddess Hidimba, the wife of Bheem. You will witness the fantastic artwork of a cone-shaped roof. The wooden walls and doors of this place look so beautiful. Moreover, it is surrounded by a thick forest of Cedar trees. The lofty snow-capped mountains in the background make this place look more gorgeous. It is a perfect place to make lifelong wishes with a partner. You will also feel peaceful vibes after reaching here.

7. Solang valley, a tourist place

Solang valley is around 13 km from Manali. It is away between the Beas kund and Solang village. This Valley is famous among tourists for stunning views of snow-capped mountains and glaciers. Moreover, Solang valley also attracts many Ski lovers from all over the world. Many people visit this valley throughout the year just to enjoy its pristine beauty. You will witness green trees, landscape, blue skies, and superb mountains in this valley. There are also many winter sports like Zorbing and Paragliding, that you can enjoy.

8. Rohtang pass

Rohtang Pass is the most picturesque valley near Kullu and Manali. This pass is well known for its unmatched natural beauty. Therefore, it is the most favorite attraction point in the region. This pass is located around 50 km away from the main town. Rohtang pass is at a height of around 4000 meters above sea level. You will witness the most pristine views of the Himalayas here. While visiting here, you will witness a dramatic change in the scenery around you. Moreover, this pass has also been featured in many Bollywood movies.

9. Manali sanctuary, connect with nature

Manali national park is the best place to visit. It is perfect to witness the wildlife and hundreds of varieties of plants and trees. You will spot many animals and birds like barking deer, flying Fox, squirrels,s, and deer. This place is a must-add to your Shimla Manali tour. This place is also full of thick trees like Poplar, Deodar, and Chestnuts. Moreover, it is located on the edge of the scenic banks of Manalsu Nullah. You will also witness the green mountains in the background of this park.

10. Vashisht hot water springs

The hot water spring is located on the premise of the 4000-year-old temple of Vashishth. Vashisht is the Kulguru of Lord Rama. These hot springs are major places to visit in Manali. It is believed that these springs have medicinal properties. The water of these springs has the presence of chemicals like Lithium and Calcium. Therefore, the hot water of these springs cures a host of diseases. Taking a long dip in the water will certainly calm you down. Moreover, you will find separate areas for men and women to use the springs.

11. Old Manali, old world charm

Old Manali is separated from the new Manali by the Beas river. This town is a charming laidback district famous for its old-world charm. You will witness the dotted wooden mountain trails and apple orchards here. Moreover, the Mall road stretching through it is the heart of this town. You will certainly enjoy Rappelling on Beas and Biking through the slopes of old Manali. There are also many picnic spots that you will find along the banks of Beas. Therefore, it is an ideal spot to enjoy a day out with your loved ones.


Shimla and Manali are the most charming hill stations of Himachal Pradesh. These places have their own beauty of nature. You will find scenic views of mountains, valleys, ancient temples, and pleasant weather here. Moreover, you will certainly enjoy your visit to this pleasing land. These above-voiced places are the top famous and loved sights of Shimla and Manali. These places are a must-add to your Shimla-Manali tour. You will surely make good memories while visiting these places with your partner. You can also indulge in many thrill sports here.

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