A cyber hacker left messages against the US president, Joe Biden, and asked to burn the regulatory body of the North American country’s Stock Exchange

“I am sad to announce that my father has passed away,” said Donald Trump Jr., son of former United States President Donald Trump, on his social network account X (exTwitter). The surprise lasted a few minutes until it was confirmed that his profile had been hacked by a hacker who left other messages.

The hacker who attacked the account of Donald Trump’s son assured that the former US president died

The hacker then claimed that he was going to run for president instead of his father and racially insulted the current US president, Joe Biden.

In another of the posts on Donald Trump Jr.’s profile, which has more than 10 million followers, the virtual pirate stated that he had had “interesting messages” with Jeffrey Epstein, the financial magnate and convicted pedophile who, however, died in 2019.

Richard Heart is an influencer in the cryptocurrency space

“Richard Heart is innocent,” he said, referring to the YouTuber and influencer of the cryptocurrency sector and assured that he was going to “burn down the SEC,” the regulatory body of the United States Stock Exchange for the complaint he made against Heart.

In another announcement, he pointed out that North Korea “is about to explode” and tagged Adin Ross, a controversial influencer, to interact with that tweet.

Insults to the American president, Joe Biden

Users on social networks began to debate whether the hacker is a fan of Ross since he directed some messages against enemies of the influencer, such as the famous YouTuber Logan Paul, who two years ago fought against the American boxer Floyd Mayweather in an event that generated millions. of dollars.

On that occasion, the American athlete, who was returning after his retirement, clearly beat him, although he could not knock him out.

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