Named the Most Popular Tourist Destination This Year

Named the most popular tourist destination this year

ATOR: the most popular destination for tourists in 2022 - Dominican Republic, Turkey, Costa Rica

MOSCOW, November 16 - RIA Novosti. Analysts of the international research company Forward Keys named the most popular destinations for tourists this year, ATOR reports.

It is clarified that the list includes not just the most visited countries, but rather the destinations with the best recovery rates after the pandemic. "Based on data on air ticket sales from January 1 to October 18, experts compared the preliminary results of 2022 with the tourist flow in 2019," the association explains.

The Dominican Republic has become the leader in terms of growth in tourist traffic (by the end of the year, it will receive five percent more tourists than in 2019). Also in the top 10 are Turkey, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Greece, Egypt, Portugal, and the United Arab Emirates.

In terms of cities, Turkey's Antalya, Mexico's San Jose del Cabo, and Puerto Vallarta showed the best results, analysts add.

In addition, the company notes an active growth of interest in beach holidays. Business travel and urban tourism, on the other hand, are significantly behind pre-pandemic levels.

“The main drivers for the recovery of international travel are the lifting of covid restrictions and the effect of pent-up demand. Major global events, such as the World Expo in Dubai or the World Cup in Qatar, are also helping,” Forward Keys commented.

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