The Best Jewelry Holders to Showcase Your Collection

Collecting jewelry is an expensive hobby—and a good way to start a collection can set you back hundreds of dollars. It’s not uncommon for people who are new to collecting jewelry or who haven’t found a special piece yet to keep their entire collection in a drawer. But if you want your pieces to be protected and easy to access, you should invest in jewelry holders. Here are some of our favorite types:

What kind of jewelry do you prefer?

Do you have an interest in costume jewelry or collecting gold pieces? Do you prefer to wear things that sparkle, like diamonds, or would you rather your jewels be elegant, subtle, and understated? It's also important to consider what kinds of materials your jewelry is made from; if you have a ring with a large stone in it, for example, it's probably not going to be great on a necklace. Also, think about whether you want an organizational system that will allow you to show off all of your collection at once or if you'd rather pick and choose which items are put out on display. You should also keep in mind whether or not it matters how expensive each piece is: Would another person be able to tell if they were real diamonds or cubic zirconia?

Do you have a safe place to store your jewelry?

Although it may be easy enough to stuff your necklace, earrings, rings, and other accessories into a box, your best bet is to get a jewelry holder. Not only will these holders keep your items organized and damage-free but they’ll also give you more space so you can display your collection with pride. When choosing a jewelry holder for your space, consider its style and size—you want one that complements your bedroom or bathroom décor. Keep in mind that some holders have sections for earrings, necklaces, and bracelets while others have drawers for organizing smaller items such as rings or pins. No matter what type of jewelry holder you choose, always make sure it’s fireproof so nothing gets ruined if an unexpected event happens.

What size jewelry holders do you need?

The size of your jewelry holder should depend on your collection. The bigger your collection, the bigger you’ll want your jewelry holders to be. If you tend to wear a lot of accessories, then it’s probably not a bad idea to invest in a larger jewelry box that can hold multiple types of accessories and even more rings, necklaces, and earrings. However, if you don’t usually wear jewelry every day or if you don’t really have many pieces yet, it might make sense for you to buy a smaller box that can easily fit into drawers or cabinets but still do its job in holding onto small items like rings and bracelets.


Is it easy to use and move around?

Jewelry organizers vary greatly in size, and many are quite small. As such, you’ll want to make sure that your model is easy to move around and not too heavy. This will allow you to easily place it where ever you choose, whether it be on a table or by your dresser. You may also wish to invest in a jewelry organizer with wheels so that even if you’re wearing a piece of jewelry when moving it, nothing falls off the floor. Of course, if an item does fall off from time to time during normal wearing (maybe because it has difficult catches), then it shouldn’t be cause for concern.

Are there compartments in the jewelry box?

This is key—most people have plenty of jewelry but need a place to keep them organized. Look for a jewelry box with compartments; it will make it easy for you to take out one item at a time. If there are lots of compartments, you can even separate your silver from your gold and necklaces from bracelets so that you always know where to find what you're looking for.

Can it go with any interior décor?

One of your first considerations when shopping for a jewelry cabinet should be if it can blend in with your home’s interior design. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself rearranging your decor every time you need a new spot for your earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Ideally, look for furniture that features neutral hues or has adjustable shelving to allow for different types of jewelry (big pendants and small rings). Locks: Yes, you want jewelry cabinets that are secure—but also ones with removable locks so that you don’t have to keep your entire collection locked up all day long.

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