Stomach cancer be avoided & treated it depends on how far your cancer’s spread, your health, and your treatment preferences. It frequently comprises a care team made up of your main healthcare physician, an oncologist, and a gastroenterologist, who is an expert in the digestive system. On your alternatives for therapy, they can counsel you.


Your doctor could advise surgery for stomach cancer treatment to remove precancerous cells, a tumor, or all or part of your stomach, depending on how far the cancer has gone.

Precise Treatment for Early-Stage Stomach Cancer: Upper Endoscopy’s Role in Tumor Removal

A gastroenterologist performs an endoscopic submucosal dissection or endoscopic mucosal resection during an upper endoscopy to remove early-stage stomach cancer that has only spread to the surface layers of your stomach. The procedure involves slicing the tumor from the stomach wall and removing it through the mouth.

Surgical Options for Gastrectomy: Removing Cancerous Stomach Tissue

Gastrectomy. You’ll require surgery to remove all or a portion of your stomach after the tumor has progressed beyond the surface layers of your stomach. During a subtotal gastrectomy, the surgeon removes the portion of your stomach affected by the cancer. During a total gastrectomy, the surgeon removes your whole stomach. In order to continue eating after a complete gastrectomy, your healthcare professional will reattach your esophagus to your small intestine.

Other Therapies for Stomach Cancer Treated

Additional therapies target cancer cells straight on.

Drugs are used in chemotherapy (chemo) to reduce cancer cells, making it easier to remove them through surgery. Following surgery, chemotherapy can also eradicate any leftover cancer cells. It frequently works in tandem with radiation. Chemotherapy can be used with targeted medication treatment.

Targeted Energy for Cancer Eradication: The Role of X-rays and Focused Beams

X-rays and other focused energy beams are used in radiation to kill cancer cells. Stomach cancer can’t be treated with radiation alone, but it can be used with chemotherapy both before and after surgery. Additionally, radiation can aid in symptom relief.

Enhancing Cancer Treatment: The Role of Targeted Medication Therapy in Advanced and Recurrent Cases

Targeted medication therapy kills cancer cells by focusing on their flaws. Doctors frequently use it in conjunction with chemotherapy for cases of advanced or recurrent cancer.

Immunotherapy assists your immune system in locating and eliminating cancer cells that may be difficult to detect.

Palliative care is a type of specialized medical treatment that may be provided by physicians, nurses, and other professionals who can assist with symptom reduction. In addition to other medical procedures, healthcare providers can also administer palliative care, thereby offering extra assistance to supplement the medical treatment you receive from your usual doctors and nurses.

How can avoid Stomach Cancer?

To lower your risk of stomach cancer, take the following steps:

If you test positive for H. pylori, take treatment. Stomach cancer treatment is significantly more likely to occur in people who have H. pylori infection.

  • You should treat gastritis, ulcers, and other stomach problems right away: Furthermore, your risk of stomach cancer increases if untreated stomach diseases, especially those induced by the H. pylori bacteria, are present.
  • Eat well: Eating a balanced diet that is high in fruits and vegetables and low in salt and red meats can decrease your risk of stomach cancer. Citrus fruits, leafy green vegetables, and carrots are a few examples of foods strong in vitamin C, beta-carotene, and carotenoids that are beneficial providers of these essential nutrients.
  • Avoid using tobacco products and smoking: The chance of developing stomach cancer and other malignancies rises with tobacco use.
  • Keep a healthy weight: Each individual has a different definition of what constitutes a healthy weight. Find out from your doctor what a healthy weight is for you.

Stomach Cancer Symptoms, Causes, and Diseases

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