This is going to be simple – you just need to have a basic understanding of how saving files from a link works.


  1. Canva account. If you want to use the PRO elements then get a pro account. How? Not the scope here.
  2. Login and start a blank design.
  3. Use your browser web dev console to monitor transfers -for Firefox is the hamburger menu on the upper right corner -> Web Developer -> Network or just use the shortcut listed there for Chrome is basically the same: Option + ⌘ + J (on macOS), or Shift + CTRL + J (on Windows/Linux) – and click on the network tab
  4. Let’s download a font – Click on the Text box on the left side – it’s the fourth under Templates, Uploads, Photos, Elements. Found it? Good. Click on “Add a heading” and type your SSN. Or just gibberish – doesn’t really matter. Now look for the font selection box – on the left of the font size box and choose a font. Your text should have a new look and you should see some text scrolling in the network monitor box.
  5. Click on the Size header column to sort by size – decreasing and use the “Filter URLs” search box to narrow your results.
  6. Type the name of your font and right click on the text in the File column and open the link in a new tab. You should be presented with a download dialog asking you to save your font in WOFF format. Use Google to figure out how to use it on Windows. (.woff to .ttf maybe?)
  7. If the font family contains more than one fonts make sure you spot them in the list.
  8. The same principle applies to ALL assets. Use your in-between-the-ears space.

I know there may be multiple ways and tools to accomplish this goal. This is one of them. Good luck!