The highly anticipated championship match in Dubai between Pakistani boxer Mohammad Waseem and the Philippines’ Donnie Nietes has been postponed.

The postponement comes as a result of unforeseen logistical challenges, and organizers are diligently working to reschedule the bout for a later date. Fans around the world eagerly await the new match schedule as both fighters continue their preparations for this epic showdown.

Visa Setback Derails Pakistani Boxer Muhammad Waseem’s Crucial Dubai Fight; Reapplies with Mother as Support

Muhammad Waseem a Pakistani boxer sudden cancellation occurred when his visa application to the UAE ran into unanticipated difficulties, making it impossible for him to travel for the important flight.

Muhammad Waseem reapplied for a visa from Pakistan, aiming for entry to compete on July 22. His mother will also be traveling with him.

Despite continuous training in Scotland and their best efforts, the visa was once again denied, rendering Muhammad Waseem unable to participate in the crucial fight in Dubai.

Today’s story suggests that the championship match could be delayed to late July or early August if the visa isn’t approved on time.

Crucial Showdown in Dubai: Muhammad Waseem, A Pakistani Boxer, Awaits High-Stakes Match Sponsored by Disrupt Promotions

Pakistani boxer Muhammad Waseem, with a remarkable 12 wins out of 14 professional fights, stakes it all in his upcoming Dubai contest, sponsored by Disrupt Promotions.

“Newly with Disrupt Promotions, Muhammad Waseem aims to prove his talent, and climb flyweight ranks.”

The battle has been postponed, according to Mohammad Waseem manager, who expressed his unhappiness with the circumstance. He said this because the necessary visa was not received.

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