10 Best Camping Destinations Near Bangalore

You can enjoy lots of things at camping sites. Their food is so famous and tasty. Its culture and language is so amazing. Many famous places belong there. The scenery of Bangalore is so amazing, especially at night. The night View looks so beautiful. Their scenery is so amazing. Their night scenery is beautiful.summer season starts in may. It is a city of silicone. The famous Shivoham Shiva temple is very popular in Bangalore.Bangalore is the most beautiful place in India. There are so many things to do near Bangalore. The views of Bangalore are so famous. You can see lots of gardens there.

There are so many pubs because of their night views, people go there and feel relaxed with their loved ones. The hotels are so big and expensive. Most of the population come there together to see the Beauty of this place. There are so many high buildings.

Camping Trek In Bangalore

Nanda Camp 

Nanda Hill is situated in Bangalore.Many people come there to visit it .It is a very famous hill in Bangalore. It's wonderful to see the sunset view with our family and friends.Nanda Hill is so far from Bangalore it's approximately 65km. It's opening time is 6:30PM . Evening is the best time to visit this place and watch the sunset view and also enjoy there with our loved ones.  

Kumara Parvatha Camp

This trek Is famous for its nature. It is also known as pushpaGiri trek. This trek is very beautiful. It is the second highest peak in Coorg and sixth in Karnataka. This trek is so hard for Climbing. 

Galibore Camp

It is situated on the bank of cauvery. It is the most famous offbeat destination in Bangalore. You can enjoy lots of fun there. This place is famous for its nature camp. Mostly fish camp is famous here. Nature lovers enjoy lots there.

Anthargange Camp 

It is situated in Kolar district of Karnataka.You have to climb 200 steps with so many boulders.Tourists are allowed to be careful there and especially for kids because there are so many rocks and boulders.  

Ramanagara Camp 

Ramnagara is located outside of Bangalore.There are so many silk markets.People gave it the nickname of the silk city.There are so many hills to visit, some are so beautiful visit There are seven hills in Ramanagara .All the seven hills are so attractive to visit for people.In previous year it's called closepet 

Savandurga Camp 

It is the best destination in Bangalore.It is a very beautiful place to visit for youngster.The visit time to Savandurga is January. Savandurga trek is difficult if you are a beginner and also a long time to spend here so it is a perfect destination.You can enjoy lots here.

Makalidurga Camp

Makalidurga trek is situated in Bangalore. In this fort you can see greenery here and there. This Durga fort is full of plants. There are so many rocks to climb. You can feel an amazing experience there. It is a very beautiful fort. 

Kunti Betta Camp

It is one of the most renowned treks in Karnataka. It is a perfect night camping in Karnataka. It is a very beautiful destination. 

Kanakpura Camp

It is a perfect destination for camping and Adventures. There you can build your own tent. This camp organized a fun activities program which you can enjoy single or in a team. This camp did not allow lots of activities. This is an amazing experience.The place is so attractive and famous. 

Chikamagalur Camp 

It is a beautiful hill station in Karnataka. It is a perfect destination for camping. You can see three caves there. Elephants, leopards, and tigers live in Chikmagalur. It is famous for Serene environment, lush green forest and tall mountains. It is also famous for coffee and coffee land in Karnataka.

Overall it is a perfect destination for tourists to spend their journey here. 

Bangalore is famous for its park and nightlife. There people spoke in kannada language.Their scenery is so amazing. Their night scenery is beautiful.The famous Shivoham Shiva temple is very popular in Bangalore. Their hotels are so expensive. The city Bangalore is the fourth most expensive city in India.

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