The Scientific Benefits of Shaving Your Head

People with bald heads are no longer a rare species in recent years. From Hollywood to Silicon Valley, a shaved head is much in fashion and trending successfully among men of all ages. Many men are opting for a shaved head look and rocking it with style, either out of convenience or as a solution to premature balding. Moreover, the simple and effective use of a Head Shaver is beneficial in bringing men a new trendsetting look. 

When we speak of men with bald heads, we are reminded of the likes of Gary Payton, Vince Carter, Bruce Willis, Jeff Bezos, etc. All these men, are extremely successful in their respective fields and set up an example of being bald, intelligent, and influential. They are the perfect example of men with a class and make for an impressive existence. So the next time you find the billboards advertising Head Shaver for Men, rather than scrunching your nose you can always give it a try. However, apart from the aesthetic preference of shaving the head, there are also scientific benefits of head shaving.

Let’s check out those benefits:

  • Shaving the head can be beneficial for your mental health. You may wonder how is that even possible. Well, when you are losing your hair or are proceeding towards baldness, there is stress building up concerning the hair. The concern regarding the look after the patterned baldness can give sleeplessness nights. On the contrary, taking up the brave decision to shave the hair and opting for a bald dome is an easy and viable way out of the stressful period. It is important to realize that your personality is more than just your hair.
  • Shaving off the manes can help in creating a newer version of yourself, with more confidence, attitude, and a killer look. Moreover, you can bid adieu to all the unnecessary tips and advice regarding your falling hair. You now have a completely new look without any insecurities or worries.
  • A shaved head will also act as a motivation to work on your physical health. If you are concerned about your looks then you would know that a good physique compliments a bald head and creates an impressive appearance. So, when shaving the head, you would also find it important to work towards shedding those extra kilos and getting a muscular body. 
  • One important observation found after research done by the University of Pennsylvania was that, bald men are perceived to be more dominant and stronger than men with hair. Men with shaved heads give away the reflection of being trustworthy and having leadership skills and so are more likely to be leaders, executives, etc., in positions of responsibility.
  • A bald man gives out the impression of being powerful and influential which brings them an upper hand on the professional front. It is also found as a fact that women too find bald men more approachable and sexy, which also poses a benefit in the dating life of bald men. Gone are the days when a bald head was considered a glitch in appearance. 
  • Moreover, a bald head helps to look younger and highlights the other facial features rather than concentrating only on the hair. It is a benefit as you no longer need to worry about the greying of hair and can just invest in a Head Shaver and get a refreshing new look. Aging will take a back step as you can flaunt the smooth and clean shaved dome and look appealing.
  • Apart from these aesthetic and scientific benefits, the most alluring benefit that could lure you to shave your hair is the ease of maintenance and the comfort that it can bring. It is quick, convenient, and easy to groom and maintain. Besides, it is also cost-effective as you do not need to pay a hefty amount to the hair stylist and spend hours queuing in a salon. 

All these attractive benefits are more than enough to convince you of the positive takeaways of shaving the head. A man with a shaved head looks more handsome and trustworthy and so women find them more appealing and are convinced to date them. The attractiveness and the masculinity that a shaved head pose is highly appreciated by women. In addition, research on women dating bald men shows that women find the bald men trait to be enterprising, sexy, protective, and mature. This definitely will lift your mood if you are still whining over losing hair or concerned about the baldness ethnicity in the family. Hair or no hair, doesn’t bring a change, it's all in your head. 

Bottom Line

Whether you would want to try the bald head look or not is a subjective topic. However, looking at the benefits and dealing with the worry of losing hair it only makes sense that you embrace the bald appearance and invest in a Head Shaver for Men to make your grooming task easier. Change the way you look at grooming and shift your perspective to a broader arena to accept a bald look and pave your way through the fashion goals. 

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