Benefits of Embedding Social Media Feeds on Website 2022

Have you ever visited a brand’s website that does not has social media on its page?

No, right?

This is because brands have realized the importance of social media in this digital era. 

It's not a secret anymore that social media is omnipresent, which makes it accessible to everyone. Currently, there are 2.93 billion monthly active users of Facebook all over the world. Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users. According to a survey by Instagram itself, 81% of respondents said Instagram helps them in research products and services. 

This makes it very clear that they are great influencers in purchasing decisions. 

Therefore it is highly recommended to use social media networking sites to establish authority. 

In case you are wondering, how to embed social media feeds on website, we have got you covered. 

To embed your social media feed, you can use any social media aggregator tool. These tools will help you to complete the embedding process in just a couple of minutes, that too without having to code. 

Such tools also help you to customize the overall look of your website. For example, you can change the font, color, and theme of the widget according to the brand image of your business. 

This will help you to make your website visually attractive and approachable to your existing and targeted customers. 

If you are still in doubt, don’t worry. We are here to help you. 

In this blog, we going to discuss the benefits of embedding social media feeds on a website.

Therefore, stay tuned and read this blog till the end, as the blog has a lot to offer. 

Benefits to Embed Social Media Feeds on Website

There are plenty of benefits of embedding Social Media Feeds on a website. Some of the best benefits are mentioned below. We hope that by the end of this video you will be convinced that embedding a social media feed on your website is a beneficial deal for your business. 

Increase the time spent on the website 

What makes a website boring?

Its staticity, right?

Imagine two websites, one that remains static throughout the year, the other that is vibrant, engaging, and interactive. Which one would you choose?

Your business website is one of the major components of your business. As a matter of fact, it is the gateway of your sales funnel. You cannot present a monotonous website, that is way too promotional, to your customers. This will be a huge turn-off for them. 

Therefore your business website must be interesting and customer acquirable. Your existing or targeted customers should feel the rush about your business website. 

Once you improve the overall look of your website and add your social media feed to your website,  it comparatively retains visitors for a longer time. Your visitors will no longer have to leave the webpage to have a look at your Instagram or Facebook. 

This eventually helps you reduce your website's bounce rate, which helps you improve your website's overall performance. 

Grow the number of followers on social media 

Growing on social media is a challenge for brands, these days. With over 50 million creators all over the world, it is actually a cutthroat competition to stay in the eyes of your target customers. 

However, when you have traffic on your website, all you need is a social media widget. 

This helps you to legitimize your social media presence and drive the traffic from your website to your social media. Using this tactic, you can increase your social media following. 

This enables the website owner to build a stronger community. 

Increase Sales With Social Proof 

Reviews and testimonials are becoming a crucial part of a business. Nearly, 90% of internet users look for reviews when making a purchase decision. Looking at the current trend, one can say that online reviews are the most effective social proof. 

Therefore, for a business owner, it is highly recommended to show the online reviews of your product or service.

There are so many ways to showcase your product or service reviews on your website, however, the best way suggested is to display some interactive online reviews on your website. This will help you to make your website interactive and interesting. 

Therefore, if you have testimonials on your social media feed, you can display them on your website. 

In Other Words 

Social media is designed to look interactive and engaging. If you want to leverage this opportunity, you must embed social media feeds on your website. Once you embed your social media feed on your website, you will notice a hike in engagement and traffic to your website. 

Your social media presence on your website is your social proof. Therefore, we recommend you embed your social media feed on your website. 

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