Positive Aspects and Negative Aspects In Astrology

It is written in the Gita that this world is an upside down tree. Its roots are above and branches are below. If something is to be asked and prayed, it has to be done above, nothing will be found below. Man’s mind is his roots. In the same way, this astrology is alos a great science, which is difficult to understand and explain. Here we are not opposing the science of astrology, because we consider it a science. That is why it is necessary that the dust should be cleared from this science. 

At  present, many different forms of astrology have become prevalent. Now there will be less knowledgeable people of this knowledge and many people who get money from this knowledge, who do more work to mislead and intimidate people by giving arbitrary measures. Certainly, the reputation of astrology has fallen because of this. Many such films and serial have been made in which astrology or this science has been ridiculed. 

Due to these things, a misconception about astrology has developed among the common people. Religion has to suffer the most. Astrology and religion are different from each other. 

Positive aspects of Astrology

  • Astrology or blind faith (superstition) - Jyoti means light and astrology means study of light objects. The meaning of astrology is the science that tells the activities of the bodies of light. So far 10 to 12 planets have been discovered in our solar system. Including all the planets , 64 moons have been discovered and innumerable meteors are travelling on the solar path.  Astrology is the science of advaita. This science needs to be developed in the right and positive direction. Osho says that astrology is not just a matter of what the planets are called constellations. What do their calculations says? This is just a dimension. Then there are other dimensions of knowing the future. There are lines drawn on a man’s hand, forehead, man’s foot but there are also very high.
  • Human life effect of planets - Sun has the most influence on our earth, after that the effect of moon is considered. Similarly, mars, guru,budhha and shani also have an effect respectively. The effect of planets is on the whole earth, not on any one human being. Changes are seen in that particular are of the earth, in whichever planet is affected by that particular area. Amavasya and Purnima also have an effect on our earth. But we can control our mind and thoughts. By keeping  the mind under control, the future is also controlled.
  • Is a planet a planet or a deity? - To preserve this complete data of constellations, the sages appointed a deity of each planet and made almanacs, calendars etc. on that basis and also created a story to tell the movement of the planets. Certainly both the deity and the planet are different. The planet which represents the deity or the deity whose character is similar to that of the planet or to say that to show the nature of the planets according to its nature, the names of the planets were kept on the said deities, which are of that nature, then it would be appropriate.  And Rahu or Ketu were a demon so they effect like demon on every planet.

Negative aspects of Astrology

  • Astrology turning life in negative direction - If a person is intimidating people through astrology, then the society will deviate from the path of Vedokta, God, being a victim of indolence and scarcity and it has to be said that he has gone astray. There are many aspects to this disorientation, one of which is that he believes in astrology more than God, God or himself. Fearing the planets and constellations, they also start worshiping or praying. He does his every work after seeing the lagna, muhurta or date and remains full of doubts about whether or not that work will be done. In such a situation, his present, real life and opportunities are left out of his hands. A person lacks confidence.
  • Astrology makes a man fearful - If anything is happening in life, then it is believed that all the planets are a game of constellation. An example is also given that even Lord Rama could not escape from the rotation of planets and constellations. If Rama went into exile, it was only because of the planets, although no one thinks that there were other reasons for Shri Ram’s exile. This thing is accepted blindly because you do not have the data to prove that some people have got the royal palace, not exile, in the condition of these planets and constellations. No one thinks that Lord Shree Krishna had governed not only his own life but also the lives of all the people around him. The astrology of the present is the astrology that scares the planets and constellations. Those who believe in Vedas, Ishwar and Karma are not afraid of anyone. If you have want to take Astrologer in Ahmedabad Service. Your all problem will be sort out by Astrology.

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