9 Best Trekking Places Near Bangalore

Are you looking for the best places to hike around Bangalore? Have you ever gasped for air to see something new? The whole world is tired of being confined behind masks and constricted by their breath. Here's a list with the top hiking spots in Bangalore.

There are many short hikes in Bangalore that can be combined with your vacation plans. If you don't go hiking in Bangalore, you're missing out! This article will provide a guide to the top ten hiking spots in Bangalore you won't regret visiting. This is the perfect time to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the natural beauty of nature. Let's dive in and learn more about these heart-stopping, thrilling short hikes close to Bangalore.

How to get to the Trekking Spots in Bangalore

One can take the bus, train or car from Bangalore and then rent a car (Ola Outstation). Below is an estimated distance from Bangalore (M.G.Road).

Skandagiri Hill Trek

Nandi Hills may be the only place you have heard about. Let me tell you more about Skandagiri (also known as Kalavara Durga), which is located in the Chikballapur region. You can easily access the Papagani Temple from Bangalore to start your climb to the summit.

The climb to the summit can be quite strenuous and take approximately two hours. It is best to arrive at the base by 3:00 a.m. in order to enjoy the spectacular sunrise with its never-ending clouds. Skandagiri has two caves running along its entire span. There is also a Tippu Sultan fort that is currently in ruins.

Savandurga Trek

The Sri Lakshmi Narasimhawaran Temple is the starting point for the climb. This area is composed of rocky cliffs, muddy areas and sparse forests. The climb to the summit takes about 15-20 minutes. It is an easy hike you can do by yourself or with a group.

It is well worth the climb, because it affords a stunning view of the thick green trees and endless bends at the Thippagondanahalli lakes in Magadi as well as Ramanagara. To enjoy a 360-degree panorama of the area, it is recommended to spend about 30 minutes at the summit.

Ramanagara Trek

It is located in the Ramanagara region, also known as "Silk City". Ramanagara, which is surrounded seven hills, makes it an ideal place for day trips and treks. 400 steps are required to reach the summit. Ramanagara, located approximately 50 km from Bangalore, is known for its pioneering rock climbing efforts.

The striking similarities between the hills around Ramanagara can be seen from four angles. It is best to start the walk in the morning, as it will be cool. This area can be tricky to navigate during monsoons due to the leeches and slick rocks. From the summit, you can enjoy a stunning view of dense green leaves.

Devarayanadurga Trek

The ideal months to visit DD Hills are March-April. At the base of the hill is a small brick-and mortar construction that looks like a turret tower. On a hilltop is the fort at DD Hills. It can be viewed by Bhoga Narsimha Temple.

The 2km walk to the summit takes between 30-40 minutes. The route may require you to climb some stones and deal with difficult terrain. The most stunning view from the top is the mandap, which offers a wonderful view of the temple and endless vegetation.

Chitradurga Fort Trek

The fort is spread over multiple hills and sits on a ridge that offers a panoramic view across Chitradurga District’s flat valley. Chitrakaldurga, the name of this fort in Kannada, means "picturesque Fort". Chitradurga Fort is located 200 km from Bangalore. The route passes by windmills and highways. Seven walls surround the fort, forming a circle that runs from the top of the hill down to the lower level. The first and second stages of Chitradurga are currently located.

You can drive on to the second and third stages as well as the current entry. The inner walls have been strengthened by stronger walls and contain small holes which were used for spying or as slits to hold firearms. The fort also has several wells that can be used to store oil, which was used to light the lamps.

You can also find a large temple called Ekanatheshwari in the fort. There are several pillars next to it that were used as swing suspension pillars.

Madhugiri Trek

The views from the summit are spectacular, as the whole area is covered in lush Thimmalapura forests and a small lake. You will be taken on a nostalgic tour through old structures as you climb up to the summit. There are many entrances, defense walls, fort walls and walls that have been reconstructed. This walk is recommended for experienced hikers. You should be prepared if you're a beginner. The difficulty of the hike varies according to the season and the steep slopes at some parts.

Kunti Betta Trek

It is located around 130 km from Bangalore in the Mandya District, also known as "Sugar City". You will feel like you are in a candy shop, with the overwhelming sweetness of sugarcane fields and the jaggery scent. This is why it has been called "Sugar City". You can also find paddy fields. You can start your trek at the foothill temple. The difficulty of the walk varies depending on the season. However, the view from the summit is spectacular.

Anthargange Trek

Anathargange is known for its caverns but also its deep woods, peaks and other natural wonders. This makes it an unforgettable weekend experience. Seven settlements are located on the mountain's top. This site offers a spectacular sunrise that will leave you glazed over at the glowing ball fire.

Makalidurga Fort Trek

This is a great escape from the daily grind of traffic jams, horns, and other noises. It is best to bring your own food, snacks and water as there are very few shops along the trail. The difficulty of the Makalidurga trek varies depending on when you visit. Rainy seasons can be very challenging because of the slippery rocks.

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